As the popular saying goes “Images speak louder than the words“, it is quite true for today’s websites, apps and the viewers since they have limited time span to communicate and engage with the users.

For a better understanding lets categorize webites, mobile apps and other applications as apps. There is a segment of apps that are image intensive for example the matrimony sites or communication apps which tend to render a lot of images, fall pray to performance issues, Why? Because they don’t process the images for the best suited viewer experience.

As intersting as it may sound, image processing can be a real tricky game especially for those who lack the necessary expertise and wants to do it on the fly. Image processing requires the necessary understanding of the processing libraries. Considering all the cases wouldn’t it be better if you just have to use a service which does all this for you that too on demand?


Enters Serverless Image Handler by AWS

AWS Serverless Image Handler is more of a solution than a service aiming towards helping customers do a breadth of image processing on demand. Well of course the solution, beneath the surface utilizes the AWS Services itself but makes the image processing and also serving a lot more efficient and easier.

The Image Handler solution is pretty easy to deploy as it just needs some basic understanding about AWS’s cloudformation service as it comes in the cloudformation template format.



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Using the Image handler is as easy as changing the URL and getting the image as you like for example if you want a size of dimension 300 x 400, you need to specify the dimension in the URL like the one specified below and boom, you will be served with the image of same exact dimension.



Image Handler demo with a User Interface

For those who would like to know and explore more of what and how the image handler functions, there is an option which suggests to deploy a UI as well while deploying the image handler, turn it on and it will give you a URL where you can check all the processing functions provided by Image Handler.


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